For us, everything is about connexions, so it is important that you know who's behind Alchemia wedding.

Observer, I am touched by the beauty in every individual, every couple. I like poetic details, and everything that makes you. I often analyse lights and compositions we find in paintings or movies and try to recreate them in my pictures.

If I chose to be a life photographer, it is because it's essential for me to look towards happiness, and happy moments, towards beauty of human beings, towards essential things. Make your memories eternal is the most important.


I'm a sensitive and very discrete person. I like to be among the guests and to be forgotten, so I can render precisely what happened on your big day. Family is one of the most important things in my life, so it was kind of obvious for me to documente weddings!

Moving images, musics, sounds we hear, gestures we see on the big day, those are what I love to immortalize.



are the words defining our work.

Poetry is everywhere: a light, a smile, tears of joy...

Natural: raw and without artifices. Nature, materials, you.

Sensitive, because our strenghts and weaknesses define who we are.

We're ready to follow, and can't wait to discover who you are.