3 May 2020

Intimate wedding in Provence

An intimate wedding in Provence, in the small city of la Garde Adhémar.

If, like our two lovers, you wish to cherrish your relatives and show them how much you love them, the choice of an intimate wedding could be the solution. Take the time to enjoy the presence of everyone, have breaks in the day, live, and love.


Why the choice of a wedding with only a few people?

A more intimate and intense moment

If, as we are ourselves, are amongst people who are a bit shy and are having a hard time talking in front of 200 hundred people. To say out loud your feelings can be complicated when standing in front of a lot of people. Chosing to invite less than a hundred persons can be the solution. It allows you to invite people you really know, and this way you can be true and make the walls fall entirely. Great emotions for sure! Even your relatives will say their feeling more easily.


A simplified organisation, and greater possibilities

As the number of guests is lower and there are only the people who are close to you, the organisation of your big day is also easier. It allows you to do more things eventually, for a project that is a bit more crazy, or in a place in the middle of nature, which you love, even worldwide … It is also easier to do more on the decoration, flowers, tables … less constraints, and closer to who you are possibly, and also a bit more budget, so you can offer greater things to your guests.


Enjoy your relatives better

An intimate wedding also allows you to enjoy your day better. You don’t run everywhere to say hello, but at the contrary, you take the time to chat with everyone, and enjoy the moment together. It is a choice for yourselves, and for your guests.

It is the time to tell everyone how much you love them, and to cherish them. Somehow, it is like stoping time and observe each and everyone around you, and print the memory in your head.

Dress : Tati Magic    |   Make-up : Louisa Benchelli    |    Flowers : Fleurs de Provence    |    Suspenders : Leodis Leather

Coming back to essential things

A wedding with only a few guests will cause less stress too. Sometimes it is hard to not answer to the pressure of the family, but it can be a choice to be true to you, this is your day. Coming back to simple things, and only with the people you love and carry in your heart. Enjoy every second of the day, because yes, it is a day that goes fast. That being said, you can also extend the day to a weekend, and have a brunch the day after for example.

More memories in images

As the number of guests is lower, it il possible for the photographer and the videographer to take the time to walk around amongst the crowd during the cocktail, and capture the moments. This way, you will have more portraits, and more images of this moment. This is a bit different when there are a lot of people, where you can capture the big picture, but not the real moments between your friends and family.

Why not an elopement?

As we explained in another blogpost, elope is a good way if you want to invite the less people you can, or if you want to enjoy the ceremony in a foreign country.

Everything is possible, and you can dream and do everything you really want.

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