Elopement in Grignan, in Provence

A promese to each other, just the both of you or with your close ones, for a wedding that suits you, with no compromise. How to make that day unforgetable in your lives, and keep it in your memories for ever ? That’s what we’re going to see together with this elopement in Provence.


A very intimate wedding

At first, the word elopement was used for couples who ran away to avoid a forced wedding, and were getting married with only a few people.

Hopefully today, we don’t do it for the same reasons. It’s a good option for the couples who wish an intimate moment, a good way to promise yourself to each other somewhere meaningful, and to say things you wouldn’t in front of 200 people.

It is possible to do a simple elopement, just the two of you, with only a few people.

Location : Château de Grignan    |    Dress : Asos    |    Hair and Make-up : Hair Mania    |    Flowers : Amandine Kraft

 Le village de Grignan en Provence

village de Grignan en Provence

                                         préparatifs de la mariée

préparatifs de la mariéecoiffure et préparatifs de la mariéepréparatifs de la mariéeLa mariée se fait coifferbouquet de fleursdétail de robe de la mariéepréparatifs de la mariéepréparatifs de la mariée détail robe de mariéedétail robe de mariéele marié se préparele marié se prépare


Where to elope

Everything is possible, as there are a lot less people.

You can also use this opportunity to get married somewhere a bit more difficult to access, or in another country for example.

  • In the desert of Marocco
  • In the fjords of Norway
  • In front of the ocean
  • In the ruins of a castle

There are many options!


la mariéeportrait du mariéséance couple elopement en Provence

séance couple elopement en Provence

séance couple elopement en Provence

séance couple elopement en Provence bouquet de fleur la mariée


Think about the harmony

Once the location is chosen, you just have to chose a place for the getting ready. Think of a place where the colors match the location where you will get married, so everything will look coherent and harmonious. A little cocoon where you will feel good, as for this elopement in Provence.

The photographer and videographer will be able to play with those different colors and textures, shadows and lights… You can also use those colors in the flowers, your clothes, your jewels…


village de Grignan en provence séance couple elopement en Provence

séance couple elopement en Provence

séance couple elopement en Provence

séance couple elopement en Provence

les mariés s'embrassent

elopement en provence

les mariés regardent la vue de Grignan

les mariés marchent dans Grignan


The big day

As for a more traditional wedding, the getting ready is a very important moment. It is a solemn moment, a time to take care of yourself, for the hair and make-up.

It is also a moment to read your vows again, to re-write them on a pretty notebook or nice papers especially made for it.

An officiant can help you in this as well.

You will have time to see the location with your photographer and videographer before, and choose the right place and time to say your vows.

The elopement will allow you to enjoy every minute of the day, without stress and agitation. To live simply and intensely your love. Moreover, this moment can happen during several days, if you are travelling somewhere for example.

There’s even more to tell about your story, your sensibilities, your personalities. Tell your story with images : the before, the getting readies, the ceremony and the reading of your vows, the couple session, but also walks in the places around.

It is also possible to organize activities as a horse walk, balloons, boat … to have epic memories of your elopement.


discour des mariés

séance couple elopement en Provence

séance couple elopement en Provence

séance couple elopement en Provence

les mariés dans la piscine

les mariés dans la piscine


The choice of Provence for our lovers

We were very lucky to be with Raphaëlle and Oliver in their elopement in Provence, in the village of Grignan.

Raphaëlle is French and Oliver is from new-Zealand. They met in Australia and came to France to settle up. To say their vows, they choose the Provence where Raphaëlle grew up. The symbols are strong, and that’s also why they chose the castle of Grignan : -as the marquise of Sévigné known for her letters with  her daughter, they wished to remember with letters a time which was difficult for them, a time which was too long one without the other.

We really love Provence too, where Olivia grew up. It is a very charming area in France, with its raw textures, its old buildings made of warm tone rocks, its little paved streets and villages telling a story.

Nous avons eu la chance d’accompagner Raphaëlle et Oliver dans leur engagement. Raphaëlle est française et  Oliver Néo-Zélandais. Il se sont rencontré en Australie et sont venus s’installer en France. Pour marquer leur amour, ils ont choisit la Provence où Raphaëlle a grandit . La symbolique est forte dans leur choix car le château de Grignan est à l’image de la Marquise de Sévigné qui est connue pour ses correspondances avec sa fille. Ils ont souhaité marquer le souvenir de leurs correspondances, une période qu’ils ont trouvé trop longue et douloureuse l’un sans l’autre.

Nous affectionnons particulièrement la Provence aussi, où Olivia a grandit. Il y existe un charme authentique  avec ses matières brutes, ses pierres aux couleurs  chaudes et enveloppantes, ses petites rues pavés et villages qui portent une histoire.

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