Wedding in Provence: Amandine & Jason

A french-american couple who love the simple pleasures of life.

The agreed to give us some details about their story.


About your first rendez-vous:LE SOUVENIR de vos premiers Rendez-vous:

A rainy day. We stayed in a café laughing and talking all day long.

Whan an ordinary rainy day becomes magical…!

Do you rememeber the day you said “Ok, this is forever”?

Her: This very rainy day, our plans were canceled because of the weather. I could have stayed in the coffeeshop for hours with him.

Him: At a party in Paris, all of a sudden. It became so natural to imagine our life together.

The moment you’ll never forget about your wedding day?Le moment de votre journée de mariage qui restera gravé ?

the cocktail, everything was perfect. It was outside, weather was splendid. We were under the trees we love.

Your favorite photoshoot?

The couple session into the woods. A special moment we loved, really. We were in another world for a moment.