About us

Life is made of encounters, and that's what we're passionate about! What links two souls to the point that they become essential to each other. Every story is an adventure, and that's everything hiding in you that make it.

We're a couple, and we met while traveling. In no time we became inseparable. Growing together and according our worlds becomes evident: Alchemia Wedding was born.

Through our creations, we want to capture emotions and faithfully transpose every little detail that makes who you are. Olivia freezes the time, Morgan catches the movement.
We'll know how to capture the things that reveal yourselves. Don't be affraid of the lenses and let's share this journey together!

We're ready to pack our bags, so wherever you are, and if you like our work, let's tell your story, together.


Next travel dates and places!
Feel free to get in touch with us, even if yours in not on the list yet! We're always ready to pack our bags and follow you in new adventures.


Photos of us by our talented friend Phan Tien, it’s an honor ! Go check his work right here!!!